Ithaca Adult Hockey Association

2022-23 IAHA Registration


Welcome to the 2022-23 IAHA Registration with Ithaca Adult Hockey Association!

This registration session will allow you to complete contact information, sign up for participation, and submit payment. Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately. Our secure payment site accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking accounts. This year's fee for the B/C Division is $520 for skaters, $50 for goalies, and $115 for subs.  


All new B/C Players MUST play in at least one pre-season game.

Players who are above the intermediate level may not play in the B/C division.  As a rule of thumb if you are (or were) good enough to play youth travel hockey, high school varsity, college club, or above, then you are probably an A/B player.  Not having played for 10 or 15 years does not mean you’re now a B/C player.  If you’re really unsure, let us know and plan on coming to one of the pre-season games. 


IAHA A/B Division

The IAHA will not be offering an A/B League this season.

An A/B league will be run by the Community Recreation Center, The Rink.  If you are interested in the A/B league please contact Alex Hayes -

USA Hockey Registration

If you confirm a spot in the league you will be required to provide a USA Hockey Player's registration for the 2022-23 season.

If you are wait-listed, DO NOT register with USA Hockey until we get back to you with a confirmed spot.

Pre-Season Game Sign-Up

Sign up for one of our three Pre-Season Hockey games here. New players (including SUBS) MUST play in at least one pre-season game in order to qualify for league play.

Wait List - Subs - Splits

If spots fill up, you may get shut out even if you register before the deadline.  If this happens, please sign up for the wait list. 

Do not register to sub until a captain requests to have you sub on their team and the request is approved.  You may not play until you hear from Eric Cyker that your registration is complete.  Failure to follow this instruction will result in your expulsion from the league.

If you cannot play full time but are interested in splitting a spot with someone, contact


Please check the League and Registration Information handout available above.  If you still have questions, send us an e-mail.

We encourage you to sign up for a free SportsEngine account.  Doing so will make future registrations simpler for you and will make new features available to you as we add them to our toolset.